Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Thursday, January 6, 2011


It's cold. It's snowing again.

In an old, drafty house, with a girl who kicks her covers off within the first half hour of the night and doesn't want to wear pants...I needed a solution.

I came up with this. A cozy nightgown dress {her part of our vernacular.} And since I don't dig on the character couture out there, it leaves little to choose from. But a thrifted shirt and a hunk of remnant fleece...we're good to go. Cozy.

I made the ladybug gown for Christmas Eve and the pink camo was whipped together last night. 

I attempted Christmas pj pants for Bug...but my measurements were off...tried to make my own pattern. He has some junk in the trunk...the cutest pair of buns ever...and the first pants didn't fit. Take two, I used a pair of pants that fit him to make the pattern. These flames should keep him cozy. {Little tidbit: I know there is such a thing as pattern paper, but I never have it. In a pinch, I used wrapping paper...cutting out one leg pattern and using it to cut four fabric pieces...sturdy enough.}

Told ya a trip to the fabric store would brighten my day.

Disclaimer: Fire-retardant fabric is required/suggested (?) for children's pajamas. Not used in this case, though.


Bekah said...

Amy, um, I was a little uncomfortable when you said you didn't like to wear pants at night. Just sayin'. hhaahahaha I really did think you were talking about you at first!!

Bekah said...

p.s. I don't like to either. They make me claustrophobic. I think I need some snuggle nighties or whatever you called them.

Debby said...

You had me at "cozy". Such cute jammies.

Julie said...

I'm doin it - you are so inspiring!! We need jams like this for everyone!