Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jellybean's birthday ramble

She woke up this morning and knew. In our house, balloons next to the bed signify a birthday. Finally, she said. 

Bean's birthday. She told Sweet Daddy {who is home after 2 weeks for too brief a visit} that she thinks her arms are longer today and she can jump know, now that she's five.

Her gifts were opened leisurely throughout the frenzy, no tossing aside. I finished her skirt in time to have it wrapped...and I can tell you, she will be able to wear it for years...yes, a generous fit.

Her big brother, whose birthday is 3 weeks away...was extra sweet today...letting her choose what games to play, her choice of a show at screen time, helping with presents, singing to her at random times.

At bedtime, she wanted to hear about the day she was born. I'll tell her magical story as many times as she wants to hear it. {Perhaps I'll blog about it.}

I made an effort to relax and enjoy her...and play Pollys' or Elefun.

{But the messes...arghhh...most of them mine...piles I've ignored, books, projects in different stages, food to prepare, cakes to bake, Daddy's travel stuff. How did we fill this empty house up again? Ah, yes, one necessary trip to the store, one irresistable yard sale, one generous a time. It's time to start taking bags out of this house. Please remind me to stop scurrying and can she be five already?}

Somehow a shirt that says Daddy's little princess stowed away in one of those bags and ended up in her clothing pile. Honestly, I have no idea how it got here. I have nothing against princesses per se...but the attitude that comes with the title...I can do without. We've discussed selling the shirt away or making it into a nightgown dress. She'll have none of it. She will keep it and she will wear it out in public.

The concept is stuck. Tonight as she whispered her wish before the candles...I want to be Daddy's princess.

From the day you were born, Mimi described you as enchanting.
Oh, Jellybean, we are enchanted by you. Happy birthday, sweet and spunky girl.


Debby said...

Beautiful Jelly

Bekah said...

Awesome skirt! Awesome girl! Happy b-day, JoJo. It sounded like fun!!

Abigail said...

wow,sweet mama- what a magically beautiful tale of a birthday:) your last paragraph pulled at my heart and brought a tear. . . lovely. so lovely:)