Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Living in a petri dish

I disclose our location in faith that no one reading would want to do anything untoward to our property. If I underestimate, you are scheming a way to help yourself to my precious thrift store furnishings and valuable dirty laundry. Good luck with that.

While you're there, if you see any cats around the house, please do something untoward...harm them, I mean. I beg of you. A little aside: We have a a neighbor cat in the throes of desire and plenty of male strays {thank you, Crazy Cat lady....Hoarders will surely be knocking on your door soon, methinks} who are willing to oblige. 

So, we all ended up with Bean's bug...even Bug {although his was a less virulent strain.} There was the day Bean slept in front of the fireplace...the next day, that's all I wanted to do. Grandma J was a dear and came down so that I do just that...under my electric blanket. When I spoke to Sweet Man yesterday, I had just awoken him from his day-long tell him we were making the trip. He even stayed home {hotel} from work...which, for him, is a big deal. Poor guy, I don't think he even remembers the conversation, he was so out of it. 

We made it to Bloomington in record time....despite the coughing, sneezing, and hacking. Listening to Car Talk and This American Life {my fave} made the miles fly by. Here we are, joining Sweet Daddy in a space where there isn't room to swing a cat.

Tomorrow...back to possibly my favorite church ev-ah...armed with plenty of sanitizer, of course.

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Bekah said...

Hope y'all are feeling better! Wow, you're a paratrooper, driving across the tundra with hacking and fevers and all, just to see your love...