Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Links I love

I love words...and I'm striving to use them more intentionally and thoughtfully. Only what is kind and necessary and true, right, friends? The necessary is what gets me...sometimes it feels necessary...but when I play back the tapes, my words were oh so not necessary.

These links surely do say it all well.

To you JJ Heller peeps! {And if you don't consider yourself a JJ Heller must change. That is all.} My friend, Julie found this treasure.

She also linked me to everyday projects to re-purpose things you have or recreate things you've seen others have. I've already made a camera strap cover with her and cute.

Look at these adorable cuties over at small things. She's having a giveaway...and the consolation prize is a tutorial. I know one little girl who is about as gifted as she's going to be for a while, but the dolly is so cute.

The thrill of the I feel about hunting wrapped up nicely...especially the fact that she notes hunters' and fisherpeople's {shush...don't want to leave the sisters out, 'kay?} care and respect for God's earth.

Beautiful words about may not agree with everything, but she explains some complex emotions I have of my momma's death as she describes her experience with her own parents' deaths.

And before I took Sweet Man to the airport this morning, I walked and listened to a Mars Hill sermon from 1/2/11. It was a guest speaker, but he quoted a desert monk who said, "Society is a shipwreck from which you must swim for your life." For some radical reason, I love that concept. In the world, not of it. He also encouraged us to become gospel artists...continuing the story God has unfolded before. You're just going to have to listen to it. 

Now to swim a little harder and faster...and a little more JJ love.

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