Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Makeover madness

When I was four, my mom trimmed my long blonde hair in preparation for an Olan Mills picture session. Don't remember much about getting my picture taken, but I do remember coming home and seeing scissors left on the back of the toilet, gleaming in the glow of the nightlight. Mom was busy making fried rice in her electric skillet. Our Irish setter, Bridget, was napping under the table. I grabbed my brother and we joined her. And I brought the scissors. I cut his hair, the hair above my right ear, and the hair on Bridget's left flank. My mom lifted the tablecloth and found us. She called, "John!" and began to cry.

Fast forward, 33 years...this morning, I french-braided my Bug's hair into two braids.

Then, fateful mistake...Sweet Man and I were napping (I know~I already feel guilty,) kids were playing. Bug walked into our room, complaining about wanting to take her braids out. I could see little wisps of hair as she struggled with a comb. I thought, "Ahhh, I thought those braids would at least last the day." I began to undo her braids, but hair was coming out in my hands. And then I looked closer...the wisps were not escaped hairs, they were cut hairs....AAAAAACCCCCKKKKK! The scissors were still in her hand.

The little imp had the forethought to bring the scissors (which she had to climb on a stool to reach) and the wastebasket from the downstairs bathroom, upstairs into her room. I found it with clumps of hair in it. And that's when I cried. And so did she.

With his wits about him, Sweet Man retrieved his clippers and a stool and was ready on the porch to finish her job.

She thinks she looks like her Mimi. I think Mimi would like this new do.


Susan said...

Hi Amy, Guess who!!!
Aunt Gail showed me what your beautiful daughter did. haha I can say that mine has never done this and I think she's past that stage at 7yo. YAY!
She still looks adorable though!! Hair gos....the memories last! tehe
How have you and Kevin been? We're all good, kids are growin up. erg! Can you believe their ages? Rick 21, Drew 19, Kevin 17, Casey 12, Emma 7, and Boeden just turned 5 yesterday. It seems like yesterday we were rockin' out at Creation that one year!
Heard Mandy is expecting again!! Tell her I said Congrats!!
Take care...Maybe we can keep in touch thru our blogs. Suz

amykate said...

Hi, Susan! How are you and your babes? It was good to see the boys this summer. You grow some good men. What's your blog address? I'd love to check it out.