Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Not much going on here.

We went to the Valley last night, empty-handed, but they graciously fed us a yummy meal. We returned without our girl. Bean is staying with Grandma and Grandpa J, maybe for a few days. I wish I could tell you that Bug isn't excited about being an only child, but he kinda is. It's good to have a little space. But I am missing the interruptions and sass.

We've interviewed a few realtors today and hope to have the house listed by the end of the week. For realsies, this time. I believe that there was some divine interference the last time we tried to sell...sure am glad I've had this house for this time, but we're ready to move out and on. I think.

My dad is camping up at Lake Erie...good for him. Just him and Murphy, the dog. If you feel like praying, do so for him...for being alone in the camper with the memories, working things out with his Father, direction for the future, etc. But don't tell him I told you to... ; ) We may join him in a couple of days if Sweet Man still hasn't received the impending call to go out into the world.

Bug just told me how much he likes homeschooling. That's encouraging...because that's the only plan I got. (I will be passing on my stellar grammar ski-zills.)

Making spaghetti sauce today with the bounty of tomatoes we have received. They were looking pretty shriveled. And I've added random vegetable leftovers. Bug is gonna hate it. I see a peanut-butter and honey sandwich dinner in his future.

I'm itching for a big a quilt or a piece of clothing...not so smart. Can't mess up this house and can't take it on the road with me. Not to mention, I need to finish the knitting project that is 2/3rd's done. I need to stay out of the blogosphere. That's where I get these itchy impulses.

Messing with the blog's look a little. I like it better. Stay tuned for changes.

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